How To Change Fuses In A PWD or PWT

Written by Paul McGowan

Fuses make a significant contribution to the way your system sounds. Making sure you have the best sounding fuses in place can many times make a big difference in performance. The fuse values for these units are 1 amp slow blow and each will use two (2) 5x20mm 1 amp slow blow fuses 1. UNPLUG unit fuse1 2. Place a soft protective cloth on the work table to prevent scratching the PWD/PWT top 3. Place the unit upside down on the work table 4. Attach a ground strap from your wrist to the center lug of the AC input power connector so you don't damage the PWD/PWT with a static discharge. 5. Remove the four flathead screws shown in the red circles with a small Phillips screwdriver 6. Tilt the unit up vertically on its side with the AC input power connector closest to the workbench 7. Using a small screwdriver, push the lid equally from each of the four holes where the cover screws were removed. This will work off the lid until you can grab it with your fingers or it will fall off of the chassis. Lower the lid to the workbench. fuse2 8. Disconnect the ground wire from the lid using pliers. 9. Lay the PWD/PWT chassis on the workbench. 10. Lift each fuse out of the socket by the fuse cover. One is shown removed, below, next to the Bridge guide rail. There are two fuses per PWD/PWT. fuse3 11. Replace the fuse with a 5 x 20 mm, 1 amp slow blow, 250V fuse, Schurter part number 0034.3117 or equivalent. 12. Reinstall the fuses. 13. Tilt the unit on its side with the AC input power connector facing down against the workbench. 14. Reattach the ground wire to the lid. 15. Slide the lid into the chassis. 16. Lay the chassis upside-down on the soft cloth on the work bench. Seat the lid into the chassis with any pressure as required. Reinstall flathead screws.
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