Too Mean To Die

Too Mean To Die

Written by Leebs

Welcome  to Copper #19!

Believe me, no one is more amazed that we're still doing this every two weeks than I am. After all, I was the recipient of the "Shortest Attention Span" award in my high school yearbook.... (Not really---I was one of the editors. Good story, though.)

I can only ascribe this to the fact that while I have numerous defects---ask my ex-wife---I am relentless, and just too mean to die.

But enough about me:

In this issue we're fortunate to have an entry from new contributor Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney, one of the most-perceptive observers of the audiophile scene. If you think librarians are mild-mannered, you've never crossed Kirsten, who  holds her own with anyone, including irascible husband Malachi Kenney (remember  Hold My Beer 'way back in issue 10?).

I paid a visit to DeVore Fidelity  in Brooklyn a while back, and finally report on it here. We're still wrangling some problematic video footage from the visit, and hope to have it sorted out soon.

Speaking of relentless, Richard Murison continues analyzing the meaning of "lossless";  Jim Smith goes back to basics in subwoofers;  WL Woodward continues plowing through the music of his (and maybe your) life with an affectionate look at Doc Watson; Duncan Taylor looks at modern one-man bands;  Dan Schwartz takes a serious look at what's involved in making instruments these days, and Larry Schenbeck takes a look at some serious music; and I ponder where can audiophiles go when they're priced out of the neighborhood, and the materials that have made up audio products, past and present.

We also have another cool reader system, and invite you to send in your own. Paul McGowan will be back soon, and Darren Myers will return with a big new DIY project. Your patience is appreciated.

Until Copper#20---enjoy!


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