Signature Style

Signature Style

Written by Howard Kneller

I’ve been Jonesing for an Acoustic Signature turntable for a very long time now. This German company, which employs their own CNC machines in the production process, does high-mass 'table engineering just about as well as anyone. Yes, there are many other designs out there, some of which can get quite complex. The problem can sometimes be that more complex designs will solve one issue while creating one or two others. One thing’s for sure. Acoustic Signature’s lower-end models deliver big value in ultra-high-end turntables.

Shown here are photos of the company’s Thunder MkII turntable and TA-5000 arm. The Thunder MkII has been discontinued (it was $12,500 when available) and the TA-5000 ($6,750) has been updated to the TA-5000 NEO (pricing from $7,895), but they share a design aesthetic and technologies with other Acoustic Signature models, and were too good-looking to ignore. Also featured is Kiseki’s wood-bodied, moving-coil, Purple Heart cartridge ($3,200).


The control panel is a model of minimalist elegance.


Detail of the TA-5000 NEO arm.


Here's another view of this striking work of electromechanical art.


The Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge, a true classic.


 Another view of the control panel.


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