The Editors, They are a changin’

The Editors, They are a changin’

Written by Frank Doris

I’m thrilled and honored to be named the new editor of Copper.

Many of you may know me from my decades in the audio industry as a writer, editor, PR person and audio enthusiast, with the emphasis on enthusiast. For those who don’t know me yet: my first industry gig was in 1984 as pop music writer for The Absolute Sound, later serving in various editorial capacities and as founder Harry Pearson’s setup man, friend and foil. Talk about trial by fire! I was the Silver Surfer to HP’s Galactus.

I’ve written for The Tracking Angle (now Analog Planet), Home Theater, Cineluxe and Sound & Vision among others. I handle public relations for consumer and pro audio companies. (Let’s get this out of the way: I am careful to avoid even potential conflicts of interest.)

I’ve been passionate about music and audio since hearing my parents’ tube radio sitting on the kitchen counter of our Brooklyn apartment, playing the AM hits of the late 1950s. I was riveted by the music and the sound. How did the music come out of that little box? How was it made? Who was making it? What are those sounds? Like a baby duck, I was imprinted. Such things still fascinate me.

Paul McGowan, head honcho of PS Audio and the rest of the Copper staff share this kind of enthusiasm and I am really stoked to be joining them.

When I was a teenager a friend’s father had the first hi-fi I had ever seen – Marantz electronics, big Rectilinear III speakers and a turntable I can’t remember. The dad saw me gaping at all of it and asked, “would you like to hear it?” “Yes!” “On one condition. Sit in that chair and I will play you 15 minutes of music and you won’t say a word, just listen.”

I was stunned. I had never heard music sound so vivid, and realistic. I had no idea a stereo could sound like that. The fire was later fueled in high school by my friend the late, great Bob Reina of TAS and Stereophile, who introduced me to high-end audio (along with a lot of great music). His Dahlquist DQ-10s were a revelation. These moments changed my life – and I haven’t told you yet about the first time I heard the Infinity IRS V loudspeakers at HP’s...

A little more background: I’m not dogmatic. I believe observational listening and measurements are both valid. I enjoy vinyl, hi-res digital, streaming audio, small two-way monitors, big floorstanders, whatever gets you through the night. There’s merit in both modest and monolithic audio systems. I like playing guitar, going to concerts, science fiction, pugs, garage sales, good deals on shoes, well-crafted objects and many other things.

I like all kinds of music but there’s a special place in my heart for Blue Öyster Cult. (Another story for another time.)

Audio and music are an art, a science, a commercial endeavor, a manifestation of dreams, a means of self-expression and so much more. Copper reflects all of that, and we intend to further our explorations.

I look forward to joining in the fun and sharing in the passion of our writers and the enthusiasm of our readers. Onward!

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