Table of Contents – Issue 202

Table of Contents – Issue 202

Written by Frank Doris

Happy New Year everyone, from all of us!

Copper contributor Howard Kneller, founder of The Listening Chair, has launched a new Facebook group. As he notes, “This group is a civil place for audiophiles to discuss gear, learn about audio, and make friends. Our group is comprised of an eclectic mix of audiophiles, industry members, and music lovers.” You can check it out here:

In this issue: PS Audio’s own Paul McGowan looks at streaming services and sound quality. Rudy Radelic offers his favorite albums of 2023. Ken Kessler covers the Paris Audio Video Show, while Harris Fogel and I report on Capital Audiofest. I listen to the Analogue Productions 45 RPM vinyl edition of the landmark Genesis album, Selling England by the Pound, as well as some excellent vinyl reissues from Rhino High Fidelity. John Seetoo talks with musician/lawyer Alan Chapell, who has a singular perspective on the music business. Ray Chelstowski talks with Ari Teitel and Trenton O’Neal of New Orleans funk band The Rumble.

I report on the debut of the Stenheim Alumine Two.Five loudspeaker at New York’s fabled Power Station recording studio. Wayne Robins reviews Jeff Tweedy’s books, a concert, a Wilco album, and more. We have guest articles from AAA, FIDELITY and PMA magazines on Walter Stutz and a remarkable ReVox and Studer museum, the Audio Video Show Warsaw, and some classic vinyl recordings. Anne E. Johnson looks back at the music of Dan Fogelberg, and Alón Sagee revisits a sublime musical moment. PS Audio gets some positive reviews and best of 2023 nods. We close the issue with culture shock, late night entertainment, and the road not taken.


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Ray Chelstowski, Frank Doris, Harris Fogel, Anne E. Johnson, Ken Kessler, Claude Lemaire, Paul McGowan, B. Jan Montana, Sebastian Polcyn, Rudy Radelic, Wayne Robins, Alón Sagee, John Seetoo, Markus Thomann, Peter Xeni 

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