Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

Written by Frank Doris

Make that more than 100 years. 1975 ad for the imaginatively-named Garrard Zero Tracking Error Tonearm. When it comes to vinyl playback, everyone’s got an angle.


Ken Kessler: in your dreams! Scotch magnetic tape ad, 1958. Courtesy of Martin Theophilus/the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording.


It’s safe to say that every one of us of a certain age had a receiver like this at some point. Sansui 2000X, circa early-to-mid 1970s.


And you thought only vintage Marantz receivers had cool front-panel fonts! Photos courtesy of Howard Kneller; taken at Angry Mom Records, Ithaca, New York.


We’d love to know what those unusual techniques in sound recording were, and more about this whole rig, for that matter. Radio Electronics, May 1950.


Howard Kneller’s audio and art photography can be found on Instagram (@howardkneller@howardkneller.photog) and Facebook (@howardkneller).

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