In Rare Form

In Rare Form

Written by Frank Doris

Astounding finds: a JBL Metregon speaker system alongside a JBL Paragon system. Currently located at Audio Classics, owner Steve Rowell noted, "finding either of these is extremely rare. To have both at one time is unbelievable." In fact, they're so rare that we're devoting all of this month's column to these incredible examples of audio art.

The JBL Metregon. Wow,

The JBL Paragon. From The JBL Book by John M. Eargle: "the 1957 Paragon was based on a direct-reflecting design by Richard Ranger originally intended for application in motion picture stereophonic reproduction. A mid-size version, the Metregon, was introduced later, as was a smaller bookshelf design, the Minigon. The curved cylindrical section balanced direct and reflected signals to produce a broad stereo soundstage for listeners over a fairly wide listening angle. Arnold Wolf was the industrial designer of the original Paragon."

Original JBL Paragon brochure, page one.

Illustration from the original JBL Metregon brochure.

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