PS Audio in the News

PS Audio in the News

Written by Frank Doris

The PS Audio AXPONA 2024 exhibit was featured in their YouTube coverage, including these behind-the-scenes setup videos:

PS Audio at AXPONA 1

PS Audio at AXPONA 2

Here’s a video from Audiophile Junkie.

And here’s one from Jay’s Audio Lab.

The new aspen FR5 bookshelf loudspeaker was mentioned as an “auspicious debut” in The Absolute Sound in its AXPONA reporting.

Steve Guttenberg aka The Audiophiliac included the aspen FR5 in his Best of AXPONA 2024 YouTube video.

Hi-Fi Pig wrote about the aspen FR5, noting, “The little speakers...have something image-wise that I really enjoy…I thought they offered really good value for money.”

Hi-Fi Trends noted, “…their innovative aspen FR20 loudspeakers sounded good! This is no small feat, as the larger ballroom setups are tricky to get right. The publication continued, “…their system nicely filled the room with a fantastic scale and coherence.”

The Absolute Sound posted a review of the PerfectWave DirectStream DAC MK2 by Anthony Cordesman, which now stands as a tribute to AHC’s inimitable writing. You can read it here.

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