Numerologist’s Delight

Numerologist’s Delight

Written by Leebs

Welcome to Copper #61!

Someone, somewhere will undoubtedly be able to extract immense meaning from the numerological confection that is the date of this issue: 6/18/18. That person is not me. I envision a bunch of Columbia mathematicians like our friend Karl Sigman getting together and spinning out the analysis in the style of the Sugarhill Gang...hence the title.



Having been born on the 6-heavy date 6/16/56, I have on occasion been told that such should give me a leg up when it comes to winning the lottery, getting a better rate on a mortgage, meeting Scarlett Johansson....

As they used to say in Memphis: ain't none of it happened. So---back to work!

Speaking of work, John Seetoo follows up last issue's interview with Renaissance man Kamel Boutros with a look at Boutros' work in preserving and restoring the elderly Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ at Calvary Episcopal Church in New York.  Richard Murison began his interview with rocket scientist/surround-sound pioneer Edgar Choueiri last issue; this issue's installment continues with a further explanation of Edgar's fascinating work. Regarding things that kinda sorta work: our Gautam Raja looks at tweaks that work great...until they burn your house down.

As mentioned last issue, our Anne E. Johnson is starting a new column in this issue. In Off the Chats, Anne will bring us worthwhile-but-obscure music from well-known artists. She will continue her acclaimed classical survey reviews in Something Old/ Something New, every other issue. I'm also very pleased to introduce new contributor Christian James Hand's column Hand Picked. Christian is a musician and LA-market radio personality, and will be dissecting some major rock records, track by track---starting with Bob Seger's Stranger In Town.

In our regular columns, resident Professor of Musicology Larry Schenbeck  explores the musical delights of summer; ; Dan Schwartz encounters RootMasterSound---whatever that is; Richard Murison disperses some wisdom on the somewhat-arcane subject of loudspeaker dispersionJay Jay French looks at a guitar influence that may surprise you, Spider From Mars Mick RonsonRoy Hall tells us about his stint as a bigshot owner of thoroughbreds; and I look at the joys of social media, and examine audio terminology that we take for granted, but which may be gibberish to laymen.

Industry News looks at the $85 billion AT&T/Time Warner deal, and what it will mean for future deals; meanwhile, there are still more bizarre happenings in the death throes of Sears.

Copper #61 concludes with another incident of audio-related marital discord from Charles Rodrigues, and a lovely Parting Shot from Paul McGowan.

Woody Woodward is taking a brief sabbatical, and will return in a few issues.

Thanks for reading, and see you next issue!

Cheers, Leebs.

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