Made to Measure

Made to Measure

Written by Frank Doris

Here's a rarity for you: A McIntosh car stereo made for Subaru. As an online forum notes, these are difficult to identify, so we don't feel too bad about being stumped on the model number for this one.


 It plays CDs and cassette tapes, as well as radio stations.


We guess no one cared what the back looked like, since it was hidden away. Courtesy of The Audio Classics Collection, photos by Howard Kneller.


For 99 bucks you got 49 solid-state devices! The optional "Mini" automatic record changer would cost you an extra $34.95. From the 1969 Lafayette Radio catalog, courtesy of reader John Goodman.


Talk about clean: here's a circa 1965 Sherwood S-5500 II integrated amplifier in jaw-dropping condition. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Joe Haupt.


Here's the rear view of the S-5500 II and what has to be one of the coolest tube cages ever. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Joe Haupt.


Dig that crazy test fixture on her right. And does that switch on her left turn the whole rig on and off? Radio and Television News, October 1950. 


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