Lend Me Your Ears

Lend Me Your Ears

Written by Frank Doris

A circa late 19th or early 20th century proto-jukebox. Listeners paid a nickel to hear music through ear tubes. From Sound and Hearing, Life Science Library, 1965.

An Audio Classics 9b stereo power amplifier, their tribute to the Marantz 9 mono amp. Courtesy of the Audio Classics collection.

How surreal is this? We’ll have what the cover artist is having. Audio Engineering, June 1953.

Featuring a cross-field head for improved high-frequency response! Tandberg 9000X ad, circa 1972. Courtesy of Don Kaplan.

Heavenly listening, courtesy of the HMV Model E34C radiogram. From The Australian Women’s Weekly, June 1950.

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