Issue 51

Issue 51

Written by Leebs

Welcome to Copper #51!

We've passed New Year's, we've passed CES, and the whole world seems to be recovering from the flu. We hope you're either well, or on the mend.

Our Area 51 is more of a known quantity than that one out in the desert, and we can talk about it without fear of retribution (we hope). Having concluded the three-part series Time is of the Essence,  Belden engineer Galen Gareis moves on to RCA interconnects. Part 3 concludes  John Seetoo’s interview with Tom Fine, son of Robert Fine and Wilma Cozart Fine, and a  skilled recording/mastering/archival engineer himself.

This issue has a nice mix of good music, tech, and the just plain weird (well, how else to describe the combination of CES and Roy Hall's Abenteuer in Deutschland?).  Larry Schenbeck goes from the small scale to the BIGDan Schwartz moves from basses to bassists with a look at the amazing Danny ThompsonRichard Murison examines the familiar Fletcher-Munson curves in an unfamiliar wayJay Jay French moves from software to hardware---namely, his stereo equipment over 40 years, starting with turntables Duncan Taylor discovers again the perils of live recording, especially in a haunted church; Roy Hall takes on the Third Reich---and wins, this time; Anne E. Johnson brings us the shape-shifting indie artist, David Myles Woody Woodward remembers the magic voice and too-short career of Nat King Cole;  and I ponder my trip to the Magic Kingdom of Las Vegas for  CES, and consider what it means to be an Editor for over 35 years, while leafing through a big batch of old Stereophile magazines.

Following  Industry News on two companies we've discussed before and a photo feature on CES, Copper #51 wraps up with another classic audio cartoon from Charles Rodrigues, and a striking Parting Shot from Paul McGowan. Something Old/Something New will return in Copper #52, with a survey review from Anne.

After our 50th issue went live, and the importance of that milestone sank occurred to Ye Older Every Day Editor that the magazine has never properly acknowledged our contributors with a masthead. Let's correct that here and now in Area 51, with a listing of our regulars, as well as all those who have contributed in the past. Some appeared once; others, several times. Below, once and for all, is Copper's masthead.

Enjoy, and see you next issue!

Cheers, Leebs.


Copper: The Magazine of Music, Audio, & the Good Stuff

Publisher: Paul McGowan

Editor: Bill Leebens

Assistant Editor: Gautam Raja

Regular Contributors:
 Jay Jay French, Roy Hall, Anne E. Johnson, Richard Murison, Charles Rodrigues (1926-2004), Lawrence Schenbeck, Dan Schwartz, Duncan Taylor, WL Woodward

The Sterling Drive Irregulars: Rafe Arnott, Juan Ayllon, Andrew Benjamin, Aaron Berger, Anthony Bigler, Haden Boardman, Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney, Wing Cheung, Steve Folberg, Pimm Fox, Galen Gareis, Roger Gibboni, Seth Godin, Robert Guerin, Mark Harms, AJ Hernandez, Ken Kantor, Malachi Kenney, Ken Kessler, Peter Ledermann, Jim Langley, Dan McCauley, Scott McGowan, Ken Micallef, B. Jan Montana, Chris Moon, Darren Myers, Elizabeth Newton, Chloe Olewitz, Rudy Radelic, Flemming Rasmussen, Fred Schwartz,  John Seetoo, Jason Victor Serinus, Eric Franklin Shook, Jim Smith, Sam Willett, Ethan Winer, Gary Yacoubian

The Copper Canines: Buster, Grayson, Trixie

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