Issue 29

Issue 29

Written by Bill Leebens

The bizarre year proceeds apace as here in Boulder, we've had an uncommonly dry winter---as shown by the wildfires west of town, just before the last day of winter. The area would normally either be snow-covered or well-irrigated by snowmelt; this year it was dry as tinder. Meanwhile, major chunks of the rest of the country have been hammered with massive snowfall. Go figger!

I'm happy to introduce another new contributor, one you might not expect to be associated with the world of high-end audio. Jay Jay French was lead guitarist for Twisted Sister for many years, and all during that time, was combing the world for esoteric audio gear. These days, Jay Jay is a manager and entrepreneur, writes a column for Inc. magazine---and now will be writing about his audio adventures for Copper, under the heading of Twisted Systems. I hope you'll make him feel welcome here.

I'm also happy to introduce two new departments: High Society  will feature news from audio societies, including info on upcoming meetings and reports of recent meetings. This issue features the River City Audio Society of San Antonio, and we invite audio societies worldwide to send us their announcements and news. Something Old/Something New will feature record reviews from a number of contributors, starting this issue with something old from PSer Dan McCauley. Readers are invited to take a crack at reviews of new releases and interesting old records, 400-600 words, please!

Our usual columns open with Industry News regarding familiar names Radio Shack, Sonos, and Denon; Dan Schwartz writes about musician/mystic Terry Riley; Professor Schenbeck gets back to the subject of musical style; Richard Murison goes back to the stone age of digital sound; Duncan Taylor gets all moony about a new transport and the band Gipsy Moon; Woody Woodward  looks back at the work of  James Cottonand I question who's minding the store?--- and look back at the old ways.

Jim Smith continues with reader-chosen questions in The Answer Manwe have an elaborate, mostly home-built system in In My Room; and we close with another Parting Shot from Publisher Paul McGowan. 

See you next issue!

Cheers, Leebs.

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