Issue 28

Issue 28

Written by Bill Leebens

The first year of Copper saw the mag start from scratch and grow to 9,000 subscribers through steady, consistent growth. While it's not  the circulation of People magazine, you won't find any Kardashians here (other than in my occasional off-topic rants). We have grown steadily, and I think our content has steadily improved, as well.

The next few issues will introduce several new contributors, both columnists and feature contributors. I think you'll be surprised and pleased by the names you'll see, and the topics they write about.

We lead off the first issue of Copper's second year with Industry News about some major moves in the audio biz; amongst our regulars,  Dan Schwartz continues minimalist musings with a piece about Philip Glass; Professor Schenbeck takes a queasy look at Schoenberg; Richard Murison writes about a place where no one can hear you scream, mostly (and no, it's not space);  Duncan Taylor writes about  Ayo Awosika, a striking young jazz singer; and I write about cut-and-paste business, and finish my interview with John Bau of Spica. Woody Woodward is on vacation (boo, hiss), but will return to Copper soon.

In  this issue's features, Jim Smith writes about topics picked by Copper readers; Duncan's back again with Part 2 of his DIY subwoofer project; and as usual, we wrap with another In My Room reader system  and a Parting Shot from Publisher Paul McGowan.

See you next issue!

Cheers, Leebs.

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