Issue 26

Issue 26

Written by Bill Leebens

I would never overtly diss a legendary Groundhog, but six more weeks of winter? It's going to be 68 deg F here in Boulder today---and 70 tomorrow!
I think the weather cadre got together and bribed Phil, for their own nefarious purposes....(Oops: plenty of folks in America are freezing right now. Never mind.)

We also have an unseasonably-warm issue of Copper, this go around. We're happy to present a piece by yet another new contributor, industry veteran Ethan Winer. In the past we've presented pieces by Ken Kantor and Jim Smith on what they see as common misconceptions or fallacies in audio, and Ethan discusses Audio Myths that just ain't so. I look forward to reading the comments that Ethan's piece will undoubtedly initiate.

Also featured in this issue, our guy Darren Myers wraps up the "CNC" DIY phono stage project, with circuit boards you can buy direct from us, parts lists, everything you'll need to build it, aside from a hot soldering iron. Jim Smith is back, probing the group psyche and asking, what do you want to read about?

From our usual crew, Dan Schwartz is wrapped up in the music of Steve ReichProfessor Schenbeck continues his series on musical elements with a look at style; Richard Murison gets all metaphysical about metadata; Duncan Taylor introduces the amazing spectacle that is Dirty Bourbon River Show--- imagine Tom Waits meets Louis Prima meets The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and you'll kinda get it; WL Woodward looks into four decades of Steely Dan; and finally, I kvetch about the IoT and look back at another beloved brand: Spica.

We open #26 with more Industry News, and close with another cool reader system, and an incredible Parting Shot.

Until next time---stay warm, or cool, as appropriate!

Cheers, Leebs.


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