Issue 118

Issue 118

Written by Frank Doris

I recently got a fortune cookie that said, “Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.” Whaaaat? I’ve read fortunes that were uplifting, meaningless, silly or even depressing, but never anything like that. I just figured it was something that got lost in translation or the product of a very stoned fortune cookie writer.

Then I Googled it and was amazed to see that it’s a 1939 quote by Anaïs Nin. I think, as music lovers, we know the feeling – total immersion to the point where you feel like your body doesn’t exist and you are at one with the music.

Staff news: our beloved Larry Schenbeck will be taking a short sabbatical. He’s in this issue but is going to lay out for a bit to relax and recharge, and will be back sometime in October.

In this issue: 118 has something of an interview focus with Tom Methans’ piece on punk label Snubbed Records’ Ron Saccoccio, John Seetoo’s conversation with Quilter Amps/QSC Audio founder Pat Quilter, and my interviews with sublime songstress Rumer and Steve Rowell of retailer Audio Classics. Larry Schenbeck speaks of symphonies and social movements. Tom Gibbs reviews new releases from Jaga Jazzist, Washed Out, Deep Purple, Isobel Campbell and Aubrie Sellers. Ken Sander relives the Peace Parade and a Superstar production.

Anne E. Johnson goes from making noise about Sonic Youth to waxing poetic about Schumann’s Dichterliebe. WL Woodward tells us about The Music Lesson, bassist Victor L. Wooten’s remarkable book. J.I. Agnew ponders self-released album psychodrama. Jay Jay French goes for the absolute sound without spending absolutely head-spinning money. John Seetoo launches a series on unusual artist collaborations and cameos. Ray Chelstowski tosses a Rolling Stone Hail Mary pass. We conclude the issue with getting Mirandized, listening to insensitive speakers, and busking for fun and profit.

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