IsoTek’s V5 Elektra Power Conditioner Cleans Up Nicely

IsoTek’s V5 Elektra Power Conditioner Cleans Up Nicely

Written by Howard Kneller

My current photography subject is IsoTek’s V5 Elektra power cleaning component ($1,995), which is also known as the V5. Despite my many years of auditing audio gear, my experience with the brand had been limited. 

Built for audio or A/V systems, the V5 has stated RFI reduction of 55 dB and six “power cleaning” circuits, which are said to remove common and differential mode powerline noise. Four isolated outlets are intended for source components such as music servers, CD players, and turntables. Two others are for high-current components like amplifiers, active speakers, and televisions.



More of the V5’s features include surge protection, a built-in star grounding system, and six-nines oxygen-free, silver-plated copper internal wiring. The unit comes standard with IsoTek’s Evo3 Initium power cord for connection to an AC wall outlet.

While focusing here more on photos than on a product review, I can say that in my audio system, the performance improvements were easily detected. Which leads me to a truism that I learned a long time ago: never, ever underestimate the benefits that clean power can bring to an audio system.






All images courtesy of Howard Kneller. Howard’s audiophile adventures are documented on his YouTube channel, fast-growing Facebook group (both, The Listening Chair with Howard Kneller), and Instagram account (@howardkneller).

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