In the Air Tonight

In the Air Tonight

Written by Leebs

Welcome to Copper #94!

As this issue goes live, I'll have just returned from a quick trip to NY and back----so sorry, no analysis of the Phil Collins song. I'll leave that to our busy friend, Christian James Hand.

In this issue, Professor Larry Schenbeck looks at copycats---long before the "My Sweet Lord" debacle; Dan Schwartz examines an amazing gift from a famous friendRichard Murison explores his family tree; Roy Hall remembers his (very active!!) dating life; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts brings us lesser-known cuts from Siouxsie and the Banshees; J.I. Agnew goes into meticulous detail on the meticulous process of record quality control; Woody Woodward begins a new series on guitar god Jeff Beck; Anne’s Something Old/Something New brings us several recent recordings of Haydn Symphonies; the batting average of Tom Gibbs' record reviews drops from .800 last issue to .666 in this issue; and I  look at inevitability in The Audio Cynic, and examine direct-drive turntables in Vintage Whine.

I'm pleased to welcome a new contributor: Bob Wood will be telling stories of his long career in radio, and as a voice-over artist. I think you'll enjoy Bob's True-Life Radio Tales.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is the subject of a feature, written by moi.

And finally----

Copper #94 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues on divine intervention, and another stunning Parting Shot from our friend, James Schrimpf.

Until next time,


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