Do You Even DIY, Bro?

Written by Bill Leebens

Darren Myers’ Make It Yourself articles, run in Copper issues 15, 16, and 17, are among the most popular articles we’ve ever run. Unfortunately, projects take time to develop: plotting, postulating, obtaining parts, documenting the project, building it and then writing about it and photographing it….

You get the idea. Besides which, there’s that whole “day job developing new products” thing. We will be running some cool projects from Darren in the near future, but we know there’s an appetite for more, here and now.

We know that a lot of our readers are experienced DIY-ers, having built amps, speakers, even DACs and turntables. So: do you have a project that turned out really well? Do you contribute to DIY Audio? Were you an ardent reader of The Audio Amateur or Sound Practices?

Did you attend Burning Amp, or the European Triode Festival ?

Would you like to share your experiences? Can you at least kinda-sorta write, and take clear photographs?

We’ve got space for you. Pay is basically beer at audio shows—but think of the fame! The GLORY!!

I personally invite you to submit ideas. Something that’s already done, which you just happened to document obsessively, would be ideal. Beyond that—let’s talk! I look forward to hearing from all y’all. Let’s get this started!

Cheers, Leebs

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