Connecting With Hemingway Audio’s Z-Core Power Cords

Connecting With Hemingway Audio’s Z-Core Power Cords

Written by Howard Kneller

For the most part, I won’t participate in social media arguments concerning the efficacy of audiophile signal cables and power cords. Even when considering a binge-watching session of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I am hard pressed to think of anything that’s a bigger waste of time. I will, however, stand my ground in my belief that the cables and cords from South Korea’s Hemingway Audio are impressive.

Outside of home audio, Hemingway and manufactures community antenna (CATV) systems, including repeaters and radio-frequency (RF) power amplifiers. Many audio products are said to be sensitive to the presence of radio-frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI and EMI, respectively), both of which can adversely affect a stereo system’s performance.

Shown here is Hemingway’s Z-Core Σ power cord ($13,750, all prices USD per two-meter length). If you’re seeking to spend a bit more, the Z-Core Ω cord will set you back a whopping $29,500.

Not all of Hemingway’s power cords cost as much as a car. For example, the company’s Indigo 1 cord costs a relatively paltry $1,200. Further, Hemingway states that the price of each of its cables and cords is based on the difficulty of its manufacturing rather than the level of its performance. Also, according to the company, the right product mix for any given system might not necessarily include the top-priced cords.

One thing is for sure – the Z-Cores are among the most visually attractive power cords that I’ve photographed. And there’s no charge for looking.



These make a solid connection.


The power cords feature Hemingway’s patented FMCF (Frequency Modulation Cavity Fundamentals) technology, said to control the cords’ magnetic fields, current, and vibration.




The fit and finish is first-rate.


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