“CNC” Moving Magnet Cartridge Phono Stage Conclusion

Written by Darren Myers

In issues 21 and 23, we featured a DIY phonostage by Jim Langley known as the “CNC” Phono. After losing our first round of printed circuit boards in the mail, we finally have “CNC” PCBs available for purchase on our website.

A Digikey part list can be accessed by clicking here. Remember, you will still need to pick out a chassis and hardware for your phonostage. Digikey has a wide variety of inexpensive encloses that would be perfect for this project.

If you have any questions about the project, feel free to post on the PS Audio “CNC” forum thread. Additional information and design examples can also be found on the original Audiokarma thread.

Special thanks to muffsy.com for the PCB design, and my close friends Jim Langley and Bill Ennis for making this DIY project available to so many.

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