An Amp for the Eons: Tsakiridis Devices’ Aeolos Ultra Integrated Amplifier

An Amp for the Eons: Tsakiridis Devices’ Aeolos Ultra Integrated Amplifier

Written by Howard Kneller

I make frequent trips to the retailer HiFi Loft, located in Manhattan’s Times Square. While I was on the way out of that establishment during a visit last year, I noticed one more system that contained strikingly photo-worthy audio gear. Stepping a bit closer, I saw that its components bore the brand name Tsakiridis Devices.

Tsakiridis’ website states that since being established in Greece in 1987 the company has produced “affordable” and “rather attractive” high-end audio gear for music lovers worldwide. Indeed, Jason Tavares, one of the HiFi Loft’s proprietors, has a penchant for choosing lines for the Loft that include not only large, well-known brands, but also small and arcane high-performing ones from around the world.

Shown here is Tsakiridis’ nearly 40-pound Aeolos Ultra integrated amplifier ($3,295). It’s the company’s middle-child amp, nestled in between the Aeolos ($2,295) and the Aeolos Ultima (€4,500, approximately $4,950 USD). Its tube compliment consists of four KT150 power tubes and four 12AT7 small-signal tubes. The amp delivers 70 watts per channel and uses high-quality components including Mundorf EVO aluminum oil-film capacitators and WBT-0703 Nextgen speaker binding posts. Those meters do not measure signal level (i.e., they are not VU meters).  Rather, they used to bias the tubes. Volume can be adjusted via the amp’s remote control.

I am looking forward to my next visit to the Loft to discover yet another under-the-radar audio brand.


The Aeolos Ultra features classic tube amp styling.


The volume can be controlled remotely.


Up to four line-level inputs can be connected. 


Meters are provided for bias adjustment.


The rear panel is simple and functional.


The nameplate leaves no doubt that this is a vacuum tube device.


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