Amped Up

Amped Up

Written by Frank Doris

Art Dudley's personal, well-worn copy of The Tube Amp Book, Volume 3 by Aspen Pittman, 1991. The page with the schematic for the Fender Bassman Model 5F6-A (introduced in 1958 and considered by many to be the ultimate guitar amp) is bookmarked.

Blurring the line between art and commerce: Andy Warhol shilling for Pioneer in 1975.

A magnificent McIntosh C8 monaural preamplifier, circa 1955-1959. List price $88.50! Photo by Howard Kneller, courtesy of The Audio Classics Collection.

Whoever signed off on this 1950s General Electric ad didn't lead a double life as a copy editor. Very cool radios, though!

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