All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up

Written by Frank Doris


What the...? This is a homemade "Sleepy Time Bed Radio" found at a meet sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club (MAARC) about 20 years ago. He dreams of vacuum tubes. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Joe Haupt.



Nothing's more frustrating than having your vintage automobile blow a fuse...or your preamp or power amp right before settling down to listen. This is a Buss Fuses store display from decades ago, date unknown. From the author's collection.


Hey, sonny, back in the day they called 'em cycles per second, not Hertz! This Electro-Voice ad is from 1951.



History in the making – this was the very first issue of Popular Electronics, published in October 1954. Forget about the test gear – we want that shirt.

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