Tailor-Made Listening Pleasure

Tailor-Made Listening Pleasure

Written by Frank Doris

Here's a Denon DP-500M direct-drive manual turntable. It has old-school features like quartz lock servo speed control, a large wooden base, and a die-cast S-shaped tonearm. We found a variety of inaccurate information regarding when the turntable was available, but we know this one was made in March 2006.


 Front view of the DP-500M.


Rear view of the turntable. Remember when hooking up all audio equipment was this simple? From The Audio Classics Collection, photos by Howard Kneller.


Who needs an Apple Watch when you've got this? Radio Craft, April 1948.



Here's a Loewe-Opta Luna-Phono-Stereo radiogram, circa 1959 – 1960. The only other Loewe-Opta piece of gear I've ever seen...is in my house. I found it on the curb. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Riki1979.


Tailor-made for your high-fidelity listening pleasure! Dual ad, 1971. 


Howard Kneller’s audiophile adventures are documented on his YouTube channel (The Listening Chair with Howard Kneller) and on Instagram (@howardkneller). His art and photography can also be found on Instagram (@howardkneller.photog). Finally, he posts a bit of everything on Facebook (@howardkneller).

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