A New Year’s Resolution

A New Year’s Resolution

Written by Leebs

Happy New Year to all, and hope my colleagues are recovering post-CES.

I have no desire to go off on a tangent here, so I'll keep it brief:

We try to make Copper a place of refuge. A place of entertainment, enjoyment, and education. We do what we can to edit out the intemperate and belligerent. We do what we can to encourage free expression in readers who write in with comments on our articles.

Some comments are, to be kind, overly-emphatic, even mean. We have readers from all works of life, and all levels of knowledge. You may know more than another reader. That's fine: feel free to share your knowledge in a gentle way. If you feel compelled to insult one of our writers or a fellow reader, do me a favor: don't include that in your comments, or it will disappear.

And sooner or later, so will you.

In Copper #24, Richard Murison explains what FLAC is all about; Dan Schwartz waxes lyrical on lyrics; Larry Schenbeck examines rhythm at a stately pace; Duncan Taylor returns with teen guitar whiz Jaden Carlson; and WL Woodward looks back upon musical life---and death---in 2016.  Our old friend Jim Smith considers why some systems sound terrific, but don't have soulI look at the differences between creation and recreation; the history of the everlasting Quad '57 (with contributions from some notable colleagues); and poke around CES.  We wrap the issue with another beautiful image from Publisher Paul McGowan.

Until next time, be well---or for many of us, get well!


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