A Modern Engineering Marvel

A Modern Engineering Marvel

Written by Frank Doris

Beyond cool: a circa 1940s or 1950s EMI Dicta recording – yes, recording – system that used 12-inch floppy magnetic discs. They worked like magnetic tape does, except in disc form. Spotted by Ken Kessler at the 2005 Tonbridge AudioJumble.


Also from the 2005 AudioJumble, an RCA Model LMI32230 tuner from the 1950s, with a matching amplifier, model number unknown. Stunning! Courtesy of Ken Kessler.


Here's one more from AudioJumble 2005: a Masco ME-18 vintage PA amplifier, year unknown. It turns out these are highly desirable as blues harp (harmonica) and guitar amps. It looks fantastic with its gold tube cage on. Courtesy of Ken Kessler.


I love you for sentimental reasons: the Kimberly guitar on the left was my first electric guitar, which my father bought for me in 1968. He was convinced it would ruin my life. You be the judge! From the 1969 Lafayette catalog, courtesy of reader John Goodman.


Let your music take off with this Emerson Model 747 portable radio. If someone gave this to me as a gift, I'd be thrilled! Emerson ad, circa 1953. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Joe Haupt.

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