A HiFi Rose in Bloom

A HiFi Rose in Bloom

Written by Howard Kneller

With its enormous 14.9-inch, high-def color touchscreen, top-notch performance, ability to output video as well as audio, and gorgeously overbuilt chassis, no product has seemingly come from the blue to so thoroughly win over the hearts and minds of audiophiles as has HiFi Rose’s RS150B High-Performance Network Streamer ($4,995).

Audiophiles will likely view the RS150B as confirmation that we are in an age where five large (and sometimes even less) can bring high-end digital sound. All others will likely be enamored by that touchscreen, which can display, among other things, menus, album cover art, 4K video, graphical representations of VU meters in assorted styles and colors, numerous clock faces (each with weather information), and even an old-school-style stereo receiver interface that’s complete with a digital flywheel. Undoubtedly, HiFi Rose could charge more for this component and it would still represent an excellent value.

Until I finished photographing the RS150B, though, the task brought me nothing but trepidation. Shooting illuminated displays is never easy. The large size and gorgeous colors of the HiFi Rose just made my job that much more difficult. Luckily, when I was finished, I was able to just sit back and listen.


Audio chameleon: the RS150B’s clean, minimalist faceplate can transform into any number of displays.


The display is of extremely high quality.


Who doesn’t like looking at meters?


The RS150B offers some of the most comprehensive connectivity options we’ve seen.


How retro do you want to go?


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