A Dream Goes On Forever

A Dream Goes On Forever

Written by Frank Doris

Nearfield Acoustics offered a number of PipeDreams loudspeaker models from around the year 2000 until...? Not much information is available online. They came in a number of configurations, often comprising two tall, slim towers plus dual subwoofers.


This particular PipeDreams model, like most of the ones spotted in the wild and online, featured line arrays of midrange drivers and tweeters. Courtesy of Howard Kneller.


These old Philps ads are just too cool. This one might go back to the 1930s. The little wonder indeed!


We're green with envy over this Empire Model NR-600 portable radio. Made in Japan in the 1950s, it's battery-powered and believe it or not, has four vacuum tubes. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Joe Haupt.


Radio Waves from Venus...now there's a good band name. We want to hear what they sound like. Popular Electronics, September 1956.


Howard Kneller’s audiophile adventures are documented on his YouTube channel (The Listening Chair with Howard Kneller) and on Instagram (@howardkneller). His art and photography can also be found on Instagram (@howardkneller.photog). Finally, he posts a bit of everything on Facebook (@howardkneller).

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