10-4, Good Neighbor

10-4, Good Neighbor

Written by Leebs

Welcome to Copper #95!

This is being written on October 4th---or 10/4, in US notation. That made me recall one of my former lives, many years and many pounds ago: I was a UPS driver. One thing I learned from the over-the-road drivers was that the popular version of CB-speak, "10-4, good buddy" was not generally used by drivers, as it meant something other than just, "hi, my friend". The proper and socially-acceptable term was "10-4, good neighbor."

See? You never know what you'll learn here.

In #95, Professor Larry Schenbeck takes a look at the mysteries of timbre---and no, that's not pronounced like a lumberjack's call; Dan Schwartz returns to a serious subject --unfortunately; Richard Murison goes on a sea voyage; Roy Hall pays a bittersweet visit to Cuba; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts looks at the long and mostly-wonderful career of Leon Russell; J.I. Agnew explains how machine screws brought us sound recording; Bob Wood continues wit his True-Life Radio Tales; Woody Woodward continues his series on Jeff Beck; Anne’s Trading Eights brings us classic cuts from Miles Davis; Tom Gibbs is back to batting .800 in his record reviews; and I get to the bottom of things in The Audio Cynic, and examine direct some off-the-wall turntables in Vintage Whine.

Copper #95 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues on extreme room treatmentand a lovely Parting Shot from my globe-trotting son, Will Leebens.

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