The art of the recording engineer

December 8, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

2 comments on “The art of the recording engineer”

  1. Thanks Paul. Yes, bringing Gus into the conversation would be very helpful in demystifying the art of engineering and mixing.

    Excerpts from re: King of Prussia:
    “King of Prussia was settled by Welsh immigrants in the early 1700’s who originally called it Reeseville, after a prominent family who owned much of the land. During the later part of the 18th century it became common to refer to the area as King of Prussia, after a tavern by that name operated by the Reese family. [The inn was about 20 miles west of Philadelphia, a days stagecoach ride.]

    “The tavern was first licensed sometime between 1762 and 1769, but the building may have existed as a private residence as early as 1709. It was not uncommon at the time for homeowners situated on a main thoroughfare to take in travelers, and many inns evolved from private residence to public house over a period of years.

    “All agree that the inn was named to honor Frederick the Great, the King of Prussia from 1740 to 1746, but the political reasons behind the name are debated. One theory asserts it was named prior to the Revolution, to honor Frederick’s assistance to the British in the seven Years War with France, which ended in 1763. [Also, Frederick’s army was considered to be the finest in the world at that time, and the owner may have named it to borrow his prowess.] In 1850 the postal service made common usage official, recognizing the surrounding town’s name as “King of Prussia.” ”

    Paul, it is not surprising that you have not heard of my fair city, but I bet that if you ask some women in your company, especially those under 50, their eyes will light up with recognition. Why? Because K of P is home to the largest mall in the country, having reclaimed the throne from Mall of America with its latest addition. (Apparently shopping thrills them.) But there is another side to this gender/age demographic that I learned when introducing myself in out-of-state travels. Hard against K of P is Valley Forge National Park. Ask the same ladies if they have heard of Valley Forge, and most will return blank stares; ask the over 50 crowd of men or women, and they are far more likely to know Valley Forge but not K of P. I will refrain from commenting on the societal shift from awareness of our history to glittery consumerism because I, too, am guilty, being enthralled with every upgrade PSA has offered.

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