Stacking subwoofers

April 22, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Good afternoon Paul!
    How do you feel about the Golden Ear Triten 1 Refference speakers?
    This may sound a little crazy about flat pannel speakers like the ones that Magnapan makes, but I think I figured out how to get around that pulling them so many feet out from the wall behind them.
    Put them in to a pair of cabinets side ways.
    But have the inner right and left sides of the cabinets in a 30 to 60 degree ingle.
    Kind of like you’re setting them in to a folded horn sort of.
    Both sides of the flat panel speakers will radiate sound out in to the room.
    But the cabinets will have to be about 3 to 4 inches wider then the with of the flat panels are.
    Then, you can put them, strate up against the wall behind them, and still get a good stereo sound stage!

    1. Hi John. I have the T1s (the originals) that I like, although they have been relegated to the HT system. Their prodigious bass output serves me well for that. Some day when I have nothing to do, I my put them back into the 2 channel system out of curiosity.

      1. Good morning Secretguy!
        I’ve never heard of the T-1 speakers.
        I don’t know how Sandy Grose pulled this off, but what he done, seems to work flawlessly!
        The Tritens and the Triten-1’s, are hybrid speakers.
        The top of them, are passive.
        The bottem of them where the built in subwoofers are, aare active.
        He uses more then one subwoofer driver in each one.
        But he powers them with 1800watt class AB plate amps.
        Long story short, the bass alone, peels the paint off of the walls.
        I mean, they sound that grate!
        Take a look at these speakers at:

  2. I would argue that if you want to choose the most important factor i making reproduced sound feel real like unamplified live music, it’s linear dynamics. That doesn’t mean the ability to play loud cleanly though that is a small part of it. It means making accurate, non compressive changes in loudness at all frequencies whether the change is micro, macro or anything in between. Get everything else right, but miss dynamic linearity, and you have a wonderful, wdie bandwidth radio but it ain’t going to sound real.

    And we are at the mercy of every designer of electronics, and wires and electronic sources and especially the recordings themselves who can chip away at dynamic linearity.

    So if you want to go beyond clean and musical and you want something that can excite you (almost) like the live thing, choose every piece of your system carefully for dynamic linearity, especially transducers like turntables and speakers

  3. I never got the memo about Maggies’ supposed lack of dynamics. When I listen to a symphony playing a sweet, ppp passage, and them suddenly there’s a ffff section, I just about jump out of my seat.

  4. The interesting aspect of stacking any two drivers is that they augment each other by 3+ dB.
    This can be great for high volume and efficiency, but does cause a “beaming” effect, which may not be desired in home audio.
    Great in sound reinforcement where watts and efficiency are important, and the “room” is large.

    Bass should not be “beamed” , but should pressurize the room with no sense of location, other than the mid-bass.

  5. I have the Focal Sopra 2’s and have not found them to be finicky at all to set up, I don’t’ have them in the most ideal place and they still sound and image fantastic. I love them, the mid range is about as awesome as it can get. I would love to have a set of FR30’s but yeah that is a little out of my pocketbook for the time being. Keep on rockin Paul!

  6. Maggies are bass shy and don’t have much dynamic range. I prefer electrostatics. I own Soundlab A1PX and before that I owned Martin Logan Monolith 3s. Dynamics are fine and the resolution for the Soundlabs are outstanding. I have heard many dynamic speakers and for resolution and instrumental timbre one can’t beat electrostats. I am a fan of accurate timbre.

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