Sneak peek at the aspen FR20 loudspeaker

August 5, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

18 comments on “Sneak peek at the aspen FR20 loudspeaker”

  1. Hello Paul and Chris,
    Looks like FR20s use same quality of technology and build. Very Good.
    You want to help us buy more of them?
    They are not only going to appeal to those who cannot get permission from their boss to buy the FR30. They can additionally appeal to a different customer who would find it easier to place them in a fine living room.
    Instead of making them shorter and a little less deep, how about making them 12-18″ less deep and compensate by making them taller to achieve the interior volume you need. Many of us cannot block off so much Livingroom floor space behind them. Once they are in place, higher is less critical, and may even improve their “sex-appeal”.

    – Jeffrey in Philadelphia

    1. JAS,
      At 6’4″ I can attest to the fact that women do like tall things 😉

      Also, keeping them tall(er) keeps the tweeter at ear-level; where it should be.
      However, there needs to be enough depth in the cabinet to accommodate the 10″ ABR.

      1. Hello FR,

        Okay so the FR20 can be 12-14″ deep. Or Chris can build in two 8″ ABRs. Chris is the expert, Paul is the dreamer. My goal is to challenge them.

        At 6’4″, I’ll bet you are glad to see the end of sidewalk phone booths. I am “only” 6’2 and had to almost get on my knees to see the keypad buttons. The world discriminates against us. When I designed my new master bath the contractor couldn’t understand why I wanted an 8″ high step at the wall to raise up my pedestal sink.

        – Jeffrey in Phila.

        1. Nothing wrong with challenging.
          I suspect that they want to build the FR20’s
          from all existing parts to keep costs down.

          My wife is short & has a very straight back,
          whereas I am tall with a slight curve.
          We are all aiming for somewhere in the middle 😉

          -Martin in Sydney

  2. Great to hear then news about the FR20. I’m more interested right now in an update regarding the streamer, called the Airwave or something like that. I’m particularly eager to find out if it will have an HDMI connection.

    Love the vids, thanks

  3. Paul,

    Would you mind, if possible, telling us which versions of the your FR loudspeakers fit best within each speaker’s respective range of room sizes? Also, notwithstanding personal preference, do loudspeakers have a volume range that is a metaphorical sweet spot?

    I understand that this isn’t the usual information requested, as outliers exist. I can foresee someone purchasing the FR30’s for a very small apartment, simply because they don’t care for their neighbors. I resemble that remark.

    Thanks Paul

    1. I have never been a fan of matching speakers to rooms. I don’t think there’s a sonic relationship there. I know it’s popular to imagine big speakers/big room, small speakers/small room, but truth is they aren’t related other than whether or not they physically fit.

      Think of it as a box with the driver compliment. The FR20s would work great in the same room as an FR30.

      Like Power Plants, bigger is better if you can afford it.

  4. Hi Paul. Great news about the FR20s. I have been very interested in the FR30, although I feel they are a bit to large (and expensive) for my listening room. Eagerly awaiting the review in Stereophile for a reference. When will that happen? Almost sounds like you’re saying the FR30 is a limited production run. Surely they will available in the future as all your products.

    1. The FR30s are not a limited run. They hold a permanent place in the speaker line up. Sorry for any misdirection in my babbling.

      The FR20s are going to be number 2 in line and I am excited about them. Killer speakers.

  5. Hi Paul,

    just viewed your sneak peak at the comeing Aspen FR20. Exciting news, since PS-Audio will offer an outstanding sound in an outstanding design for a much more affordable price. A not surprising consequent next step of line extension which also helps to dilute the development costs. Since the shiping package for the FR20 is already present, I guess the transition from the prototype to the sales version will follow in the near future. Will PS-Audio make the new transducer available for audition also in Europe, e.g. will you participate in the HighEnd 2023 in Munich? I am looking forward.

    Best regards,

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