Placing loudspeakers in the room

June 16, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. I like the monitor prototype shown here and would be pleased to see it equipped with an active crossover and a delay for the ribbons in order to get perfect sync in time with the lateral woofers. 🙂 Concerning the sound images beyond the left and right speaker. Aren’t these just sound effects due to out-of-phase signals created by side-wall reflections? Effects which depend on the in-room positioning and which aren’t intended by the sound engineer? I get the widest stage (some 120 degrees and more) by simply activating inter-speaker cross-talk cancellation while having the speakers only 80 cm apart.

  2. Are you talking about Sandy? He says to place my Tritons as far apart as possible and toe them like crazy. I never preferred them like that.

  3. Hi Paul! In reference to today’s video, about 3 minutes in, you reference depth not so much being affected when toeing in, yet in your audio guide (which I read word for word ( and greatly appreciated)) it talked about using the least toe in for the best depth. So far, I have OK depth, but I want better! I have my Heresy IV about 4 ft from the front wall, the couch is about 2/3 from the front wall. The speakers have almost always disappeared. Any chance you could clarify best depth? Thanks for all you do.

  4. A lot of that sound you hear to the right and to the left of each speaker has to do to with whether it’s in the recording. If it’s not in the recording it won’t nor should it be there.

    1. That’s my experience. The most perfect speaker setup even with nearfield seat position will NOT produce a soundstage with identifiable imaging outside the speakers if it’s not in the recording. I visited MR 1 and 2 several years ago and it was no different. We are captives of the recording engineer.

    1. There are three speakers that are made by three companies that can do this, very well with very little tow in.
      I don’t remember the model of the first one that I’m about to talk about here, but it had a very good rep in the mid to late aities.
      They were a very tall pare of speakers, made by Polk Audio.
      And I loved what they done with the mid ranges and tweeters!
      Each speaker, had ait mid ranges, and ait tweeters.
      But how they worked, is this way.
      Four of the mid ranges, were out of faze with the other four mid ranges in the cabinet.
      And each speaker, was channel specific.
      If they were sat up correctly, boy the stereo sound staging you got from them!
      My only wish, is that, Polk didn’t stop at just one 15inch woofer in each cabinet.
      I would have preferred three more 15inch woofers in each cabinet with the one that was already there.
      But now, they make a speaker, that has a much smaller footprint then the ones that they made in the mid to late aities.
      My second pare of speakers that I love so much, but wish I could afford them, are the Legacy Audio Wisper Series.
      They are an open air design, with four 15inch woofers, four 7inch mid ranges, and a soft dome, and a ribbon tweeter.
      But if sat up correctly, boy the stereo sound staging you will get from them!
      But what Legacy does differently, is this.
      There is a box that comes with them, that lets you control, how big of a sound you want.
      But if you ask me, it’s a bass extender.
      It works the same way as the bass control knob, on any old school preamp or receiver works.
      But, that box, has to be hooked up between the power amps and preamp.
      My third speaker, happens to be, the Golden Ear Triton and Triton ones.
      Why I pick these two sets of speakers by Golden Ear, is this.
      You don’t need seprit powered subs.
      Sandy built them in!
      They can go all the way down, to about 18HZ.
      But can also go up as high is 75KHZ.
      Stereo sound staging?
      It’s all there.
      Serious bottom end?
      It’s all there too.

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