Is smoking weed before listening helpful?

July 30, 2019
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Paul, I do not share the chuckles you have about smoking pot. I read your book. To be honest, reading about all your younger shenanigans was disappointing. I couldn't believe what you did just so you could have long hair. Ridiculous! Foolish! Couldn't you be your own person rather than have to follow the crowd?

    Pot (except for proven medicinal purposes) is unbelievably negative. I can't believe how our culture is falling for this. We will pay for it over time. No question about that.

    There is no way that I want to potentially harm my brain or other parts of my body by smoking pot. When I set aside 2 to 4 hours in complete quietness and concentrate on listening to Mozart, or Bach, or Vivaldi, or Mendelssohn I don't need any psychotropic drug messing with my brain. Sorry!

    1. Yes, I understand, but here's another way to look at it. Had I conformed to the rules I would have been following the bigger crowd. By growing my hair I was part of a tiny crowd. So, using your logic, would I not have been true to my own person to a greater extent by doing what I did?

      Here's an even tougher question. If the goal was to be "my own person", and that person is the rebel that I have always been, doesn't it simply suggest I in fact followed my heart at the expense of towing the line?

      I get it. Some of us are wired to be more comfortable following the rules and we're morally outraged by those who break them. And then there's the opposite.

      I do my best not to judge others by my own standards, but it's hard.

      Thanks for reading the book. It sounds like it was a tough read and for that I apologize.

      1. This is pretty flawed logic. I’m fine with the concept that our past - with all of it’s ups and downs - shapes who we become. I’ve learned much from the many, many mistakes I have made. But I don’t try to pass off my mistakes as marching to the beat of a different drummer. Most youth rebel against norms at some point. Hair length is one thing; drugs (of any kind) are another. There’s a reason our society struggles with regulating the use of cannabis; there ARE public safety concerns because of its effect.

        I’ve always liked to ride motorcycles - fast. But I’m mature enough to realize that doing “a ton” on the highway wasn’t rebelling, it was risky and stupid.

        Frankly, I appreciate the candor of Paul’s book and I’m not judging anyone else’s mistakes. I’ve made more than my share. I’m just not going to mis-label mine. As George Higgins wrote: “Life is hard. It’s harder if you’re stupid.”

    2. Well, I guess this is the thread where we all criticize Paul. Haha! Thank you Paul for being so honest. It’s a rarity in this day and age.

      SoundWarp, I think it’s a good thing to be skeptical of the “new drug” of the times. However, I don’t quite share the same pessimism you have. I think the net result (once we work out the social norms) of cannabis legalization will be a net-positive for society. I like the idea that people have a safer alternative to the legal drugs of alcohol, tobacco, antidepressants and opioids. Those 4 drugs combined have caused so much suffering and damage to society. The opioid crisis is now responsible for shortening the average lifespan of Americans. Alcohol has hurt or killed more people in my life than I have fingers and toes. Tobacco, the same. Cannabis isn’t without its issues, but there’s a big difference between “using” and “abusing.” I’m happy to hear about your meditative listening sessions. Enjoy the music!

  2. There's a reason that God put marijuana on the earth, but I'm not going to rattle off, here, all the activities that it has improved during my life. After using weed from the age of 19 until 53 (I'm 59 now) & having been into audio since I was 16 years old, I can definitely attest to the fact that ingesting pot will improve the sound of your audio set-up by a 'factor' of 3.5...approximately. I've been weed free now for 6 years, so I've had to upgrade my Hi-Fi system to compensate. My IQ of 122 is still very much in tact, I haven't beaten or murdered anyone, nor do I worship the devil. Weed is not for everyone; but it was for me.

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