Future file formats for Octave Records

August 10, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “Future file formats for Octave Records”

  1. If you’re a vacuum tube lover like I am, I have some good news for all of you concerning dacs.
    The company formily known as Jolida, but now known as Black Ice Audio, has a dac that can play DSD audio files, that uses a pare of 12AX7 tubes on the outputs of it.
    It doesn’t cost anymore then 799USD!
    It’s called the FS-DSD WIFI.
    I don’t have one of these dacs in my hands just yet, but I hear they sound beutiful!
    To tell you the truth, 2 of those dacs, will serve me very well.
    But also, for a few dollars less then that, there is also the Korg DS-DACK 10R that sails for 545USD I think.
    Not only can you play DSD files threw it, you can convert your record/tape collection to DSD files.
    The only drawback to the Korg, is it does not use tubes.
    But if you’re anything like me, then you’ll want to go after that dac too.

  2. Yeah, the first thing I thought of was that all my PSA purchases have included a SACD/CD *and* a data disc with PCMs and DSDs.

    My old Oppo plays these in native DSD, but the output has to be set to PCM, as Paul mentioned.
    I have tested several network streamers of late, and the current one does it all pretty well. Taking delivery on Friday of a Lumin D2…

    Of interest to some here may be some history and discussion of SACD and file formats in general:

  3. Paul mentioned that the good qualities of DSD are preserved if the signal is first recorded in DSD and then transcoded to PCM. That’s a little bit surprising. I believe that DSD was first used by Sony as an archive standard when digitising analogue material. This took advantage of the architecture of the 1-bit delta-sigma ADCs which generate a PDM signal before decimating it to PCM. In this case, didn’t all the PCM recordings start out as PDM/DSD? Does it make a difference whether we record DSD and then transcode to PCM or transcode to PCM and record?

    Today, most ADCs are multi-bit delta-sigma. Do we need to build pure 1-bit delta-sigma ADCs to benefit from pure DSD? Are these freely available?

    1. Good morning Mark!
      You are correct about the first two statements you made.
      Yes, that was the mane reason why SONY created DSD.
      They done this in 1965 to preserve analog recordings.
      But where they dropped the ball at, is the interduction of their very first SACD player in 1999.
      For one thing, the player was way over priced.
      It was out of the reach of the everyday working man or woman.
      Another place where they dropped the ball, is they quit supporting both SACD and DSD.
      Because, at the time, I was trying to figure out how was the SACD was suppose to replace the standard audio CD, when the dorn thing was still out of reach of the masses?
      Noone that I’ve spoken to about it, could never seem to give me an answer to that question.
      My hat is off to both Paul and Gus for trying to rectify that problem.
      If you read my comment that I posted yesterday, the two dacs that I spoke of, will play DSD files without any problems!

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