Determining speaker placement

April 29, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “Determining speaker placement”

  1. Paul, is the hole in the centre easy to hear? Could it be overlooked or is it too obvious not to notice?
    In all my years of shuffling and ‘walking’ speakers around, I’ve never heard a hole in the centre as far as I know, and I just wondered if I could be hearing it without being aware of it, if you know what I mean!
    I know it seems a stupid question!
    (I’ve been reading your audiophiles guide and using the accompanying disc. It’s a great resource and the disc has some fantastic music tracks on it, and obviously they are superb quality).

    1. I also never ever experienced this mythical “hole in the middle”! Even not with test tracks for left channel, right channel and center. But maybe Paul could explain the acoustics and the sound waves phenomenon creating this hole?

  2. Following the Rule of Thirds is also a pretty good starting point for speaker placement . Tweaking from there is usually fairly straightforward . You can do the handicapping thing to find the null point and tweak your seating . All easy to do but much harder to do well .

  3. I’ve asked this question, many times.
    But, I never got an answer to it yet.
    This pulling the speakers so many feet away from the wall behind them.
    What if you don’t have enough space to do that?
    Aren’t there high end speakers that can do grate sound staging and all that without being pulled half way in to the room?

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