Best way to control audio gain

June 8, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “Best way to control audio gain”

  1. “ gain-staging“ is usually accompanied by compromises.
    I love the “gain cell” as this isolates potentially noisy and compromising pots in the signal path. There are some incredible pots today however.

    The attenuators used between pre and main amps are passive and considered pretty decent.

    Reminds me of many years ago… a customer purchase a Nakamichi stack and already had big Klipsch speakers. With no signal and all volume at zero, there was a noise floor that was loud enough to drive you out of the room.

    A couple attenuators fixed this.
    Another friend had a Mac pre and main with the same issue – same fix.

  2. “Maybe some bright young guy will go out and do it and prove me wrong!”

    Thankfully these days it may also be some “bright young gal”! 😀

    1. “…can we get a Amen?
      And can we get a Awomen?..’cause we got to be equal, always.” – Robyn Williams
      as the Reverend ‘Earnest Angry’ (the ‘Reality, What a Concept’ album, 1979)

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