About Us

At PS Audio, we’re family.

Not just a family that runs in bloodlines, but in frequencies.

Because while we may not all share the same genes here, we are all related by a passion, nay, obsession with listening to the music we love at the highest, most breathtaking quality possible.

And in our minds, that makes us kin.

In fact, we believe that every nutty, hertz counting audiophile out there is part of our tribe.

That’s how we’ve built our company over the last 40 years - with the kind of care and respect that you give to your family.

It’s why we’ve consistently used groundbreaking innovation, not to exaggerate our prices, but to give like-minded enthusiasts the highest quality equipment at the absolute best value.

It’s why we developed unbeatable customer service that works hard to ensure total satisfaction.

It’s why we created a trade-in program that helps facilitate a lifetime journey of audio bliss.

It’s why we publish a magazine and daily videos that aren’t aimed at selling, but at helping our friends, and fostering a community.

And it’s why we encourage free tours of our facility here in Boulder CO, because we truly love what we do, and we just want to share it.

Join the Hi-Fi Family

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