Speaker cables can make quite a difference

Typically the longest connection in our AV system is between the receiver or power amplifier and the loudspeaker. The quality of this connection can play a large part in the way your system sounds. We would first recommend that you purchase high quality Audiophile speaker cables to make sure this connection is handled properly. However, these can range from several dollars per foot to several thousand dollars per foot.

Here’s an inexpensive solution: as is true with power cords, thicker is usually better. If you are currently using thin lamp cord for your speaker connection to your receiver or power amplifier, you can make a difference by doing two things: purchase thicker, multi-stranded wire from your hardware store, and separate the two conductors.

Visiting your hardware store, acquire the appropriate length of either 14 gauge or 12 gauge multi-stranded copper wire, such as a heavy lamp cord. Then, before you strip the two ends to connect to your speakers and power amplifier, separate the two conductors by peeling them away from each other. Now, instead of one length of two conductor wire (one for the plus and one for the minus), you will have two lengths of single conductor wire. Connect up your speakers to your amplifier using these two separate conductors.

The reason that I suggest separating the two conductors is to lower the capacitance of the cable.

Keep the two conductors apart from each other by a couple of inches.