Jamcast only streams MP3 to Bridge

I have recently installed JamCast version (premium edition) on my Windows 7 PC. I managed to get it working, streaming from Spotify to my HiFi – the PSAudio bridge. I used BubbleUpNP on my Android phone to direct the Virtual SoundCard stream to the HiFi. The only issue is that the PSAudio receives the stream in MP3 quality.

When I go to the JamCast Server Manager, Devices TAB, I can see the PS Audio, and the BubbleUpNP. However, when I double click either of them, I don’t get a window to edit the device properties.

Under the Options TAB, Logging is enabled, but I don’t know how to get the log.

In the setup scenario you describe here, BubbleUPnP (the control point) is wholly responsible for picking the stream format to send to the PSAudio device. BubbleUPnP may be making the best decision it can based on what it knows about the device’s capabilities, or this may be a limitation.

In Windows, if you go to the system tray (next to the clock) you should see the Jamcast icon, and if you right-click you should be able to Play Desktop Audio to the PSAudio device. Make sure the “Always stream as MP3” option is unselected on the Virtual Soundcard configuration tab.