How to play DSD files on a PWT

While this method is a workaround, it is possible to play single rate DSD files on a PWT (PerfectWave Transport Memory player) if you convert the files first.

The PWT can play WAV files with a sample rate of up to 192kHz and a bit depth of 24 bits. To play a DSD file, it must first be converted to DOP (DSD over PCM), producing a DFF file of the original DSD data at 176.4kHz, 24 bits. Then it is a simple matter to change the finished file’s extension from .DFF (or whatever extension has been assigned it) to .WAV in a text editor.

DOP files do not alter the actual DSD information, instead, the process simply places the raw DSD data in a PCM container the computer and DAC can understand. If you use a program like JRiver on your PC, and play directly to DirectStream or any DSD capable DAC, through USB, JRiver converts the DSD files to DOP automatically and you don’t have to do anything.

But playing on the PWT is more difficult. It requires a work around to first convert the files and then rename them, as the PWT will not recognize files without the extension .WAV.

  1. Convert single rate DSD files to DOP files using Foobar.
  2. Change the file extension of the DOP file from .DFF to .WAV
  3. Record the files onto a DVD

Now they will play on a PWT. This will only work on single rate DSD files. Double rate DSD files will exceed the PWT’s 192kHz sample rate limitation.