How do you stream to the Bridge?

My newly installed Bridge is on its way back to me (PWD I), and I’d like to get started setting up computer hard-drive playback. The Bridge’s online manual is unclear to me. How do you actually get computer audio to play using server software such as JRiver Media Center? I’ve read some of the JRiver manual, but I’m still confused as to how to direct the computer to send audioto the Bridge. Also, is audio transmitted over ethernet, or over USB? Oh, and just one more thing–the online manual mentions a complete manual for the Bridge. Do you think one was shipped with my DAC, or can you send me one? Thanks in advance!

The manual is available via download from our manuals section:

In any of the server setups you are given a choice of UPnP renderers or players to stream to.  If your Bridge is on your local network, and the computer with JRiver installed is also on that same Local Area Network, it should appear as one of the choices in JRiver.

The data is transmitted over Ethernet