How To Update Your P3 Firmware

July 11, 2013
 by Paul McGowan

The P3 Power Plant can be upgraded in the field. The P3 uses a USB memory stick to install the firmware update.

At your computer, go to our Downloads page and download the latest firmware for your unit.

Prepare the USB stick

To prepare the USB stick we suggest doing a quick format prior to loading the new firmware (erase all the old files) then unzip the new files and drag and drop the unzipped files from the above link onto the stick.

Once the USB memory stick¬†contains the new firmware you will need to power off the P3 with the toggle switch in the back, insert the stick¬†into the Power Plant’s rear USB input, then return power to the unit. The update may take several minutes, but should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Once it’s completed you should be good to go.

4 comments on “How To Update Your P3 Firmware”

    1. Hello hqclod,

      p3.15 Updated Oscillator code to version 22 which improved immunity to line noise and tone bursts from control equipment. If a customer is having problems with the P3 going into bypass because of other events on the power line, then this would be a recommended update.

      – Jeremy

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