How to update firmware in the NPC

May 5, 2014
 by Paul McGowan

To update the firmware in the NPC (NuWave Phono Converter)you will need a blank USB memory stick of about 1GB.  Smaller is ok as well, as the size of the downloaded file is small.

Go to our downloads page and find the driver or firmware you need for your product.  Download the file, which will be in a zip (compressed) format.  Unzip the file.

Prepare the USB stick

To prepare the USB stick we suggest doing a quick format prior to loading the new firmware (erase all the old files) then unzip the new files and drag and drop the unzipped files from the above link onto the stick.

Once the USB memory stick contains the new firmware you will need to power off the NPC with the toggle switch in the back, insert the stick into the unit’s rear USB input, then return power to the unit. The update may take several minutes, but should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Once it’s completed you should be good to go.

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  1. I have a new NPC and want to make sure the f/w is up to date. The current main F/W is at 048. I downloaded a file supposedly for the NPC called 11-066-11, extracted the five (5) files and installed them on a blank FAT and/or FAT32 formatted 4GB memory stick. I powered off the unit, installed the memory stick, turned the power back on and waited for many minutes but nothing happened. The “access” light on the memory stick blinked rapidly on and off for the length of time I had the unit powered up. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

  2. Hello,
    I have the save Problem. I think the Firmware file isn’t complete. the filesize is only 262 kb. The (the 048) is about 361kb. The files in the *.zip are different.

    1. Hello Wolfgang,
      I am seeing 5 files total in the zip and the combined file size is 1.16MB. The five files are: CPLD0018.hex (120KB), USBL0016.hex (361KB), GPH00052.hex (710KB), LOADER.CFG.9999 (1KB), and LOADER.CFG (1KB). Try downloading it again. Best Regards, Joe

        1. I was able to get mine to finally update. What I had to do was to “re-flash” using the 048 version. I also tried a different USB stick (smaller 1 GB) as well. After I confirmed that I could indeed flash the 048 version (confirmed by watching the front panel display go through updating the various modules, I then flashed using the 052 version and this time it worked properly. I don’t know if the different USB stick or re-flashing from 048 made the difference or not but it works now.

  3. I must buy a 1GB USB stick. With the Firmware 048 my 4Gb USB stick does the update. With Firmware 052 it doesn’t. What a silly Firmware Support.
    I wish you from Berlin a happy new year 2015!

  4. Hello. The NPC that I just purchased was loaded with firmware 052. I see that 054 is currently available. Is there any benefit to making the jump between 052 and 054?


  5. Question for you, My NPC only seems to have the the Type B USB port, am I just missing something, like the location of the type A port for a memory stick? your data sheet says the Type B connector is for audio out only.
    “USB Digital Output

    Connector USB “B” Type”

    So I am confused. I’m still on the 42 version firmware.

    1. I’m not sure what the problem could be. I have 5 files in the root of my flash drive: CPLD0018.hex, GPH00054.hex, LOADER.CFG, LOADER.CFG.9999 and USBL0017.hex. I used a very small, 1GB, flash drive as I have problems for some reason with a larger 32GB drive. If that doesn’t work, I’d get in contact with PS Audio directly outside of this “how-to” blog.
      Good luck!

  6. For what it’s worth, I’ve had the same problem since I’ve owned my NPC. Sent an email off to PS Audio support and never received a response. Mine is stuck @ ver .52

    1. Just a quick update. Upon reading my last forum entry PS Audio reached out to me directly and offered up assistance. I’ve followed their direction and they’ve gotten me squared away.

      Thanks very much for the “personal touch” support approach, guys.


  7. There are a number of folders on the download page for NPC, some of them has a . in front of the number, some don’t. Some says USB install, but one says 52 update. Are there any difference between these two. What is the lastest update anyway. Can PS audio support help with this question?

    1. Same here. First I tried with a 4 GB stick, which was not detected. I found a 128 MB stick that obviously gets detected. The PS Audio logo is blinking for 1:26 Min and then NPC starts and displays “Play”. Scrolling down shows, that still 0.44 is present. I tried with version 46, then 48, then 52 and 54, but none is working. Always after 1:26 the process stops and NPC starts to its previous configuration.
      Any idea ?

  8. I had some early update issues as well. I finally got mine updated by reflashing version 0.48 first but found that I needed a small, 1GB, USB drive. I don’t know if the small(ish) drive was necessary or just coincidental. After getting version 048 reflashed, I was able to update to v052 and ultimately v054.
    If that doesn’t work for you I’d reach out to PS Audio’s tech support directly and they probably can help.
    Good luck!

  9. I need some help in downloading the latest version of the NPC firmware. Version NPC .46 is identified as the latest version and versions .48, 52, .54 are identified as older versions. Which is the current version?

  10. I am not sure. I could find no information regarding what was either fixed or improved with the release of version 55.

    With that being said, I am glad you asked the question as I had thought that development on firmware for the NPC had stopped. I, for one, will install it later on this evening even though version 54 has been chugging along quite well for over a year now.

    Note: I did download the zip file and looked at the contents. The dates on all of the files in the container are very old with 3/28/16 being the latest. I don’t know what to make of that.

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