How to setup JRiver and the Bridge

May 30, 2014
 by Paul McGowan

These instructions are for Windows computers but with few exceptions, they are the same for Mac versions of Jriver. This tutorial applies to both Bridge 1 and Bridge II.

First step is to make sure your computer is connected, via an ethernet cable, to your home router.  Second step is to make sure the PerfectWave Bridge is connected, via Ethernet cable, to that same home router.

  • Download and install JRiver. Click Here for both Windows and Mac versions.
  • Open JRiver and go to HELP/UPDATE CHANNELS and select STABLE
  • A NEW SCREEN WILL APPEAR. CLICK NEXT. Another new screen so click NEXT again.
  • A new screen with “access key” will appear. Write this code down for future. It is case sensitive. Click NEXT again.
  • A screen with “configure media network will appear. Select AUDIOPHILE 24 BIT and click finish.
  • You should now be back in the main MEDIA NETWORK screen. Select ADD OR CONFIGURE DLNA SERVERS Under AUDIO make mode-ORIGINAL and format-24BIT. Under ADVANCED on this page select STEREO DOWNMIX

Click on OK to return to the main TOOLS, OPTIONS, MEDIA NETWORK screen, and under ADVANCED make sure the following options are all selected:

DLNA Server

DLNA Renderer

DLNA Controller

Near the bottom of the page is another ADVANCED under VIDEO options. Click on it and put a check mark in DLNA and DLNA EXTRA.

If you have a Direct Stream DAC then also select BITSTREAM DSD. Click OK.

At this point you should be able to see your Bridge appear in the left hand column under Playing Now. Select your Bridge to play to it.

Right click Bridge in Now Playing, select the last option, DLNA Controller Options, and select both Ignore Transport Events and Disable SetNext Support.

More settings and library management.

  • You are now back on the options page. Select LIBRARY AND FOLDERS in the left column. Make sure that RUN AUTO-IMPORT has a check mark in the box. Now click OK
  • Now go to TOOLS/IMPORT and select CONFIGURE AUTO IMPORT and click on NEXT.
  • At the top right click on ADD and browse to your Audio files that are either on your HD or an external drive connected to your Mac by USB or Firewire. [ you can select the whole drive or only the folders that you want JRiver to see.] select MODE and select INCLUDE THIS FOLDER….
  • Select AUDIO under IMPORT THESE FILE TYPES [not the others.] Click OK.
  • The folder you selected should now be visible in the box under FOLDERS. Under TASKS, put a check mark in- build thumbnails, get cover art, update for external changes, fix broken links-YES, and write file tags when analyzing. CLICK FINISH.
  • If your library is not already importing then go to TOOLS/IMPORT and select AUTO IMPORT AND THEN NEXT.


  • Select Bridge in the left column and the audio.

Your library should be visible and is continuing to build the album art.

Use JRemote to control the Bridge and JRiver music library choices.

To configure Zoneswitch (Recommended if you always want to default to playing thru the Bridge):

Click on Player, Zone, Zoneswitch and Add, then Edit Search with this Wizard. This is highly configurable and there are many possibilities, but to start with, you can simply create a rule that says “MEDIA TYPE “ “IS” “AUDIO”, click on OK, then select the Bridge in the Play in This Zone field and, if desired, in the STOP PLAYBACK IN THESE ZONES field select PLAYER and any additional zones you do NOT want to send audio to.

3 comments on “How to setup JRiver and the Bridge”

  1. I have just got the direct stream DAC with the Bridge, but i am using window 8, Jriver was also installed, but seems could not find the bridge or dac, will there be any application that i can use a
    tablet to control the streaming?

  2. I went through this exact procedure with a direct connection between my Mac mini and PWD MK2 with bridge using CAT6 cable. When selecting “original” I get no sound. However, when selecting “Specified output format” instead sound comes through fine. My guess is that the setting you recommend is “bit perfect” while the other is not because with the later setting I do not have volume control options, nor do do I have playback options available. Further, the audiopath says “not using JRiver audio engine”. Can you help me rectify this.

  3. Hi Folks,
    Apologies if this should go into a different thread.
    I downloaded and installed JRiver MC20 (20.0.216) for Mac and JRemote for iPad yesterday. My set up; Mac running OSX version 10.8.5, iPad is iOS version 8.4.1, PWD I version 2.4.3, Bridge version 0.2.14a. My music is stored on a Synology NAS. The Mac, DAC/Bridge and NAS are hard wire connected through the router. I have set a static IP Address for the Mac, Bridge and NAS.
    I followed the set up instructions by Gordon and have double checked a few times to make sure I didn’t miss a step.
    I’m experiencing problems with the MC 20 staying connected to the Bridge.
    When using the JRemote I am seeing two problems (which I’m guessing are are interconnected) that occour after one or two tracks play. Play stops and:
    1) An error message on the MC tells me the DLNA connection is lost. The DAC is no longer listed in the “Playing Now” tree on the left side of the MC 20. Of course JRemote no longer sees the Mac. When I check the network I find that the Bridge is still connected to the network.
    2) MC 20 has crashed and a Crash Report page is shown. The DAC is still connected on the network. It also seems that when the error message mentioned in #1 shows up, if I do nothing within the MC 20 app (just let it sit), MC 20 crashes a few minutes later. However, I am not clear if this is always happening.
    In troubleshooting this, by looking through the JRiver forum, I have made two changes to Gordon’s recommendations (one change at a time):
    First Change: I turned off “run auto-import in the background” in the Tools > Options >Libraries and Folders tab. This was a suggestion found on the JRiver forum. However, it did not make any difference with the DLNA spontaneous disconnection after one or two tracks.
    Second change: (I left the Auto-run in the off position) I changed the the DLNA setting to Generic in the Tools > Options > Media Network tab, as recommended in the JRiver DLNA Support Wiki.
    With the last change things improved. Now the connection last for maybe ten or so tracks before crashing.
    I notice that Gordon recommended MC version 19.0124, but this was written awhile back. Is MC 20 less stable then MC 19, and should I change to it?
    I am pretty much a novice here and obviously need help. Thanks for the support.

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