How to play Tidal on Bridge II

October 10, 2015
 by Paul McGowan

Playing TIDAL from an Andriod device using mConnect is very easy.

Simply press the browser button.

The browser menu will open.

Select your TIDAL account and enter your username and password.

Then, Select the play to button.

Then select the Bridge II.

Allow the software to connect and select your file from the library.


Playing Tidal from an Android device using BubbleUPNP

This tutorial will guide you to play your Tidal account over the app BubbleUPNP to the Bridge 2. Please note that BubbleUPNP is currently only available to the Android app market.

To continue this tutorial you will need to have the Bridge 2 installed into your Perfectwave Dac or Directstream Dac. If you have not done this please start with the our tutorial on installing the Bridge 2

Now that your Bridge 2 is connected you will need to download BubbleUPNP

Figure 1

Once fully installed open BubbleUPNP. Press the 3 vertical dots to access BubbleUPNP’s settings

Figure 2

Next select Renderer to see the a list of available rendering devices

Figure 3

Find your Bridge 2 in the list of renderers. In our example our Bridge 2 is named “ENG BRDG 2”

Figure 4

Select the Library link at the bottom of the application. In the list of options under Cloud is the link to Tidal

Figure 5


After selecting Tidal it will ask for your Tidal account info. (See Fig 6) You will need to have an active account with Tidal before entering in your account info.

Figure 6

Now it is as simple as searching for your desired artists, develop a playlist and enjoy.

26 comments on “How to play Tidal on Bridge II”

  1. Hello,
    Is it documented to read anywhere how the connection between Tidal and the Bridge II is set up? I hope the signal isn’t sent via wifi from the tablet to the Bridge?

  2. by far the best app for the bridge is the Bubble on Android
    for apple only able to find limited functionality trying every app they have in the app store with none coming close to the bubble

      1. Thanks for the feedback. I read roon will soon be released in a verison which will allow to use Qobuz and Tidal by the Bridge ll. The digital music I store on a Qnap NAS and play it by jRiver Remote and MC21. What would you recommend me? Shall I wait or buy a android device for Qobuz and Tidal? Will the android device work with jriver for the stored music?

  3. Yes, but jRemote does not allow to stream Tidal or Qobuz to the Bridgell. So I need sooner or later a solution to be able to stream from the upnp-Server on my QNAP-NAS and from Tidal and Qobuz. Is jRemote on my iPad with bubble on a still to buy android device a solution you can recomend? What else would you recomend me to do? Thanks for your help.

  4. Is it possible to get BubbleUPnP to display the cover art on the DS DAC display, as JRiver does?
    It does show the title and artist, but doesn’t seem to ever show cover art.

    1. Yes it works. I use a qnap nas. On the nas I installed bubble upnp server and jriver media center 21. Don’t forget to put a sd card in the ds dac! The control I do from a iPad with linn kazoo.

  5. I do the same with a Synology NAS running Bubble upnp and MinimServer + Lumin app on iPAD. Using Qobuz service.
    Awaiting my DirectStream. Why a SD card in the DAC?

  6. My desktop is a Windows PC and what I’ve got installed is Serviio. Currently I cannot get the computer to find Tidal (when I go to Tidal’s settings it does not recognise the Bridge II), does it not work this way and would I have to install another programme instead?

  7. Hi Paul,

    Yes JRMC->Bridge II is my primary means of music reproduction. Only when I go to Tidal’s settings, I don’t know how to get it to recognise the Bridge as it only “sees” the computer card and speakers not the PS Audio DSJ.

    Surely I am doing something wrong. Without Tidal involved (DLNA from the PC to the Bridge II) it works and sounds a real treat.

    1. Yes, but Tidal is not a UPnP based program and that’s why. Tidal only sees the computer sound card.

      We will be releasing Huron – a new operating system – and a Bridge update sometime in May (God willing). This will include Tidal if you use the MConnect App to stream it.

      1. Hi Paul,

        Many thanks for the reply. Yes I do have MConnect installed somewhere, so will wait for the updates (Bridge + Huron) then give that a go.


        1. Hi Paul,

          Just learned this (quoting you, with your indulgence):
          “This is bouncing around like the proverbial ball, so let’s put MQA aside for now and get Huron released – it’s just too good to not.”

          Gotcha -with their going back and forth etc it probably is the wisest thing to do for the moment.

          But does this mean no Tidal MQA->Bridge II->DS dacs for the foreseeable future? Maybe until a new product (Bridge III) is launched by the company?

          Pity, I was really looking forward to trying if Tidal MQA over my Junior sounded any good

  8. Given the current upgrades, tell me if I have this right. I currently have a Bridge1 and DS connected wirelessly (Linksys Bridge) to my qnap and control this with my IOS devices. If I upgrade to Bridge 2, can I then use mconnect control on my ios devices to wirelessly (again with Linksys bridge) get Tidal and internet radio streamed to my DS???

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