How to install a Bridge

August 22, 2015
 by Paul McGowan

The PS Audio Network Bridge is a high resolution network connected streaming device. Used in a PerfectWave or DirectStream DAC and connected to the home network, music can be streamed directly into the DAC over CAT 5. Here are instructions for installation.

9 comments on “How to install a Bridge”

  1. I think almost everyone can get thru this part. I would like to see a video on how to get the Bridge II working with a Mac and exactly which software needs to be installed and a step by step example. Thanks!

  2. Here Here, you said that so kindly, patiently and diplomatically I’m sure no one will bother. It’s been 4 days now. PSAudio surely didn’t bother to give many clues.

    Installing Bridge is on par with opening a can of beans.

    Setting the Bridge up for use and Using the Bridge is quite another story altogether.

    Might someone with computer experience take a moment and describe for example the best scenario for the best sound and how to go about implementing it.
    Like is NAS storage the best sounding, or will a hard drive suffice, is SS better, how does one make playlists from a library if no computers are needed? etc.

      1. Just got my Bridge 2 today. It’s physically installed and connected to network along with my NAS. I’ve installed Minimserver on the NAS and I’ve at least got a song or two to play. I need some real help in understanding how to set this up and make listening enjoyable. Right now I’m ready to rip it out and just go back to USB. How to I get in touch with Alex to get some help?

        1. Just give us a call 720-406-8946. It shouldn’t be frustrating – the first step is to choose an easy to use controller, like MConnect or Bubble UPnP – then the server you installed does all the work and you have all the fun.

          1. Thanks Paul. I downloaded MConnect for the iPhone this morning and it’s a much better interface. My only issue is that .dsf files will not play. I’ll call later this morning for some help.

              1. Talked to Alex, who in turn is going to talk to the “software guy”. In the meantime, I found that you need to add the “minimstreamer” package to minimserver to do the transcode. Got it working, and now all I need to know is if I’m using the correct transcode protocol. Getting closer!

  3. Just got my Bridge II today and the install took about 10 minutes. Getting music to stream was also easy in my case. Since I already have my music on a NAS and I already have JRiver set up on a PC (there are directions on this forum for setting it up on Mac which are pretty much the same for a PC), I was able to use JRemote on an iPad to control the whole shebang. In JRemote I simply selected the BridgeII as the Player, picked off an album and it started to play, no issues. Streaming DSD64 as I write this.

    I will fool around with mconnect tomorrow (I already have minimserver installed on my NAS) in order to get the PC and JRiver out of the loop but for now, it’s sounding great, as is.

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