How to burn high resolution files to DVD using Ashampoo

July 14, 2013

The PWT can play high-resolution audio files up to 192kHz 24 bits as long as they are on a DVD and are in the WAV format. Here is a guide to accomplish this task using a free Windows program called Ashampoo.

This How To document assumes you have already downloaded high resolution files to your computer in the popular FLAC format available from popular high resolution vendors.

Step by Step Procedure:

1. Download the free Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 from:

If the files are already in WAV format: Create a new folder on your desktop, named WAV. Transfer the WAV files to it. Go to step 7

IF the files are in FLAC format:

2. Download dbPoweramp file conversion software from:
Pictorial instructions how to convert files are actually posted on their home website but we will also go over it in detail below.

3. Create and name two new folders on your desktop. Name one folder FLAC, name the other folder WAV.

4. Copy and Paste the FLAC music files you wish to burn to DVD into the folder named FLAC. Remember The Perfect Wave transport will only read files and cannot open folders to read the files inside. So only place the actual song files into the FLAC folder.

5. Open dbPoweramp software and select “dbPoweramp Music Converter”.

Point the software browser to the FLAC folder on your desktop.

Notice the FLAC files appear in the software window.

6. Highlight all the FLAC files that will be on the DVD and select “OPEN” near bottom of window.

A new window appears:

Select the : “Converting to:” bullet and select Wave
Select the “Uncompressed” bullet, and leave all options in default mode, which you will see (as source)
Select the “Folder” bullet, click Browse, and select your new WAV folder on your desktop as your Output Location. (This is where your converted files will go.)
Select “Convert>>” at bottom of screen
You will notice the conversion taking place. When complete, you will have your music files converted to the WAV format in the WAV folder and ready to burn to DVD.

7. Burn the WAV files to DVD
Open Ashampoo Burning Studio 10
Select “Expert Functions” from the left side menu
Select “Create a Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc using advanced settings”
A new window opens: choose No ISO (disabled), No Joliet (disabled), UDF 1.5
Leave all other settings at default and boxes unchecked, click NEXT
A new window opens, click ADD
An “Add files and Folders” window appears
At “Look in:” find your WAVfolder, click on that WAV folder
Notice your songs appear in the box, select them all and click “add” then “Finish” at bottom of screen
Notice a new window appears ready to burn the DVD
Click “Next”
Window appears prompting you to insert a DVD
Click “Write”, the DVD will start burning and notify you once complete.

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