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STELLAR AudioQuest Monsoon AC Power Cable

PS Audio’s choice for our Stellar Series

AQ Monsoons work perfectly for source equipment, DACs, preamplifiers and high current variable draw equipment like Power Plants and power amplifiers. Power amplifiers present a real challenge for any AC power source, as the transient current requirements (though short in duration) can be many times that of the average (RMS) current consumption. Monsoon solves this problem through the use of superior construction techniques and purity of conductors. It won’t take more than one listen to discover the difference Monsoon makes.

Power amplifiers present a real challenge for any AC power source, as the transient current requirements can be many times that of the average current consumption. Power amplifiers are also unique from all other components in that the current draw is dynamic, not constant, and it changes with volume and audio signal content. Though many AC power cords may feature low DC resistance to allow for some of this requirement, the characteristic impedance of the AC cable is equally responsible for assuring uncompromised performance.


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STELLAR AudioQuest Monsoon AC Power Cable

Product Description

AC power is the foundation of a high-end audio system and it all starts with the power connection. The Monsoon cable from AQ has been chosen as the perfect match for Stellar. Monsoon has been designed with superior conductors, Ground-Noise Dissipation technology, and ZERO (No Characteristic Impedance) technology. Hear uncompressed current transfer with Monsoon AC Cable and Stellar.

AC power technology is well over a century old and was never designed to meet the exacting standards of today’s high resolution audio-video components.

AC noise is at the utility source, and is made worse by the component power supply. This creates distortion and low-level signal losses via the “masking effect.” AQ Monsoon solves this problem by the use of True-Concentric Conductors to minimize strand interaction & magnetic confusion. This geometry is further enhanced by the reduction of EMI noise using AQ’s patented Ground Noise Dissipation Technology. Lastly, directionally controlled conductors and AQ’s ZERO Technology (no characteristic impedance) contribute to the excellence of this power cable. Monsoon and Stellar, the perfect match.

This product qualifies for our risk free in-home trial in the continental United States when purchased directly from PS Audio. Break-in on AQ Cables may be required for optimal performance.

Uncompressed High-Current Transfer

While many AC power cables feature low DC resistance in order to accommodate the demand for high current, a cable’s characteristic impedance is also crucial for optimal performance. Unlike most AC cables that constrict or compress an audio-provoked transient, AudioQuest Monsoon AC power cables combine low DC resistance and ZERO (no characteristic) impedance in order to deliver uncompressed high-current transients on demand.

Ground Noise-Dissipation System

AC Ground wires provide protection from current-wiring faults, but they also act as antennas. Thus, they are subject to induced radio-frequency (RF) noise. This RF noise bypasses component power supplies and is typically coupled directly into a system’s most sensitive audio/video circuits. AudioQuest’s patented Ground-Noise Dissipation technology greatly reduces this distortion, yielding unprecedented levels of noise dissipation across the widest bandwidth (range) of radio frequencies possible. AQ’s unique circuit topology utilizes a common-mode phase-cancelling array, in concert with proprietary dielectric materials which provide additional differential linear filtering. (US Patent # 9,373,439)

  • Ground-Noise Dissipation Technology
  • High purity True-Concentric PSC+ Conductors
  • Uncompressed High-Current Transfer
  • Perfect-Surface Copper+
  • ZERO Tech (no characteristic impedance)
  • Directionally Controlled Conductors